Alexander Mihaylov


Alexander Mihaylov holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from the Faculty of Philosophy of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, where he is currently a Master student in International Business Relations at the Faculty of Law. For three years, he has been part of an international trade company.

Alexander’s interests are focused on international relations, politics and business. With his experience in the above areas, he will contribute to the promotion and achievement of the goals of The Atlantic Club of Bulgaria among the Bulgarian youth.

Asen Voynov


Asen Voynov is 25 years old and is from Sofia. He holds two Bachelor’s Degrees, in Economics and Global Politics, from the Arizona State University in the United States, as well as a Master’s Degree in International Relations with a specialization in European Union Studies from Leiden University in the Netherlands. He is currently working as a business data analyst for Raiffeisen Bank, in Sofia, Bulgaria.

During the 2018 Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, Asen worked as a volunteer taking part in the organization of official events, including the Sofia Summit on 17 May 2018. As one of his main motives for getting involved in the NATO Youth Ambassadors 2020 program, Asen points to his desire to utilize and apply his international experience, along with the need for a better understanding of the benefits for Bulgaria from its membership in the North Atlantic pact.

Borislav Valov


Borislav Valov is involved in several activities: acting, journalism, music, dancing and modelling. He acts in a theater and, other than that, has an interest and experience in radio and TV. Boris has worked for The Voice music media for one year has also left behind his back one season of an author’s show on radio “Reaction”. He has participated in different film productions, commercials, music videos and theater performances. He is also involved in vlogging and has Internet profiles on TikTok and YouTube. For him, the NATO Youth Ambassadors 2020 program is an opportunity for personal and professional development, and a chance to learn more about international politics and diplomacy. 

Venilin Neshev


Venilin Neshev is a 21-years-old third year cadet at the Naval Academy “Nikola Vaptsarov”, in Varna. He graduated from a language school in Pleven, with French and English. Venilin decided to join the NATO Youth Ambassadors 2020 program because of his interests in international politics and NATO missions. As a cadet in a military school, he is directly involved in joint exercises and missions of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in the Black Sea.

Greta Tsekova


Greta Tsekova holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, specializing in International and National Security. She is currently completing her Master’s Degree in Political Consulting.

She has participated in the preparation of research papers and evaluations on topics including internal affairs, organized crime, migration, integration of marginalized communities, juvenile justice and the child protection system, EU public policy and EU institutions. As a member of the Students’ Club of Political Science and an author at SmartiGraphs, of which she became editor-in-chief, she has gained experience in producing educational materials, and has been actively involved in activities related to civic education and youth inclusion. She has experience in organizing youth initiatives from her internship at the Sofia Security Forum.

In 2015, Greta was selected for a Bulgarian delegate at the Telenor Youth Forum and represented Bulgaria during the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony in Oslo.

Daniela Kadiiska


Daniela Kadiiska received her secondary education at the National High School for Ancient Languages and Cultures “St. Constantine-Cyril Philosopher”, majoring in philosophy and culture. Currently, she is a student of International Relations at the University of National and World Economy. Daniela is part of the Managing Board of the International Relations Research Student Association, where her main responsibility is to organize student discussions and public lectures with ambassadors and politicians.

Since 2015, Daniela has been a volunteer for Bulgarian Red Cross Youth. As a volunteer, she has participated in numerous projects, trainings and missions in Bulgaria and abroad. Daniela decided to join NATO Youth Ambassadors 2020, because she is interested in international politics, diplomacy and global risk management. In the past, she has taken part in a number of simulation models, such as UN Model, NATO Model and others.

Dimitar Penchev


Dimitar Penchev is a graduate of Construction and Architecture from the Sofia High School of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy. He graduated with excellence and is currently continuing his construction education at the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy.  

He has worked as a Technical Manager for one of the largest sites in Sofia. Оne of the projects he worked on was selected for the Building of the Year winner. He loves working with people and developing his leadership skills, which is exactly where he sees the connection between construction and politics.

In addition to politics and construction, he is interested in international diplomacy and relations and military affairs, and believes that his endeavor as a NATO Youth Ambassador will give him experience and knowledge in these areas.

Dragan Zagorsky


Dragan Zagorsky is a 21-years-old student, finishing his Bachelor in International relations at Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridki. He is currently working at the World Bank Group. In addition to that, Dragan is an active member of Bulgaria of the Youth and a PR and Marketing Specialist at the team behind MEU London 2020.

His interest in NATO comes from his experience during the Model NATO 2019 simulation and his devotion to international relations and affairs. Dragan believes that youngsters should play a vital role in society and as part of the NATO Youth Ambassadors’ team will work for better understanding about the Alliance and membership in it.

For the past two years, Dragan has been a part of Team Europe Junior with the Representation of the European Commission in Bulgaria. He also recently joined the team of the Youth Section of the UN Association in Bulgaria. These activities engage and enrich his knowledge and skills, which he has developed during his multiple internships in the public and the private sector.

Eneya Georgieva


Eneya Georgieva is an Economics student, a journalist, an active citizen and now a NATO Youth Ambassador.

In her opinion, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is not just a military alliance – “It represents values embodied by democracy, tackles a range of global issues and contributes to a safer world. In addition, NATO defends against hybrid warfare and develops distinct approaches to the increasingly noticeable challenges of climate change”, comments Eneya.

The 20-years-old student believes in the unlimited potential of young people and participates in the activities of government and non-government organizations supporting progress in Bulgaria and countries around the world.

Izabela Lazova


Izabela Lazova is 26 years old, from Plovdiv. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations from the University of National and World Economy (UNWE) in Sofia and a Master’s Degree in Public Communications in Security and Defence from the Rakovski National Defence College.

Izabela has worked as an International Relations and Public Communications Expert in the structures of the Ministry of Defence. She also has considerable experience in the non-governmental sector, including as a Vice-President of the International Relations Research Student Association (IRRSA) with the UNWE. She is interested in topics such as international security, crises and conflicts management, and has published in the International Relations Magazine.

Izabela has chosen to become a part of the NATO Youth Ambassadors 2020 program because of the belief that her participation would help young people in Bulgaria to be much more informed about NATO’s activities and its role for international security.

Klaudia Florian Yordanova


Klaudia Florian Yordanova is 19 years old and studies at the German Language High School in Burgas.

She has found her future role in international politics and diplomacy after having been elected to be representative of the Rotary Club in Brussels.

In 2019, she became an Ambassador of the European Parliament and Young Member of the European Parliament in France.

Klaudia believes her knowledge and understanding of EU – NATO cooperation will bring added value to her role as NATO Youth Ambassador and launch her future as a female diplomat.

Liliana Sofkova


Liliana Sofkova is 22 years old, born and raised in Sofia. She is a graduate of the Italian Lyceum and the National School of Management, as well as a final year undergraduate student at Sofia University, pursuing a Bachelor’s in International relations.

In addition to being a NATO Youth Ambassador, she is an editor at the Körber Foundation’s EUSTORY History Campus and a member of Team Europe Junior – an initiative of the Representation of the European Commission in Bulgaria.

Over the years, she has been awarded the honorary mention “National Diploma” of the Ministry of Education, she has acted as Chair of Euroclub Alcide de Gasperi and has done internships in various areas of the public sector, including the British Embassy in Sofia, the Bulgarian Embassy in Rome, and UNA News Bulgaria.

Her professional interests include public international law, countering radicalization and terrorism, which served as a driving force behind her participation in the NATO Youth Ambassadors 2020 program.

Nadezhda Kaloferova


Nadezhda Kaloferova is a first-year student at the American University in Bulgaria (AUBG). She is double-majoring in Political Science and International Relations and Journalism and Mass Communications. She is interested in international law, European policy-making and global politics, which is what drove her to participate in the NATO Youth Ambassadors 2020 program.

Nadezhda is part of the team that organizes an annual Model European Union conference at the AUBG.

Pavla Tsvetkova


Pavla Tsvetkova is a Sofia University student in the fifth and final year of her Law degree. In 2019, Pavla participated in the European Human Rights Moot Court Competition (EHRMCC) – a law competition before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, where she won the ‘Best Orator’ Award. This award provided Pavla with a two-month traineeship at the Council of Europe Liaison Office with the European Union in Brussels, headed by Ambassador Zoltán Taubner.

At present, she is involved in the pioneer project “Agora for Young Jurists” aimed at enhancing public knowledge about the protection of human rights and organized by Bulgarian Lawyers for Human Rights, in co-operation with the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee. Pavla is passionate about foreign languages, excels at English and Spanish and is currently studying French. Her keen interests in human rights, foreign affairs and EU law have led to her taking part in the NATO Youth Ambassadors 2020 program as a future mentor to young people, whose societal role is crucial.

Radoslav Georgiev


Radoslav Goergiev is 26 years old, from Varna, and works in the field of online advertising. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business from the Varna University of Economics and a Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship from the Varna Free University.

Radoslav is a former Chairman of JCI Bulgaria, a non-governmental organization with branches in over 100 countries. The organization implements numerous initiatives in Varna, Plovdiv and Sofia, with a focus on the education, charity and personal development of young Bulgarians.

He has choosen to join the NATO Youth Ambassadors 2020 program because of his interest in international politics and economic relations.

You can learn about the NATO Youth Ambassadors program here.